Tia Chi For Enlightenment

Ceremony to Grow Unconditional Love (a.k.a. Primordial Qigong)

Taught By Rev.Karmynn Grimmer LMT

Thursdays at 5:30pm-6pm

$10 Suggested Donation

 At "The Vegan Center" 60 Broad Street, Tonawanda, N.Y.1450

Excellent for people look to heal from emotional and physical pain. Have a need to gently lossen up stiff joints. Or would like to have more vitality and energy in your life.

This form of Tia Chi mixes Heaven and Earth Energy in the body to balance all 12 body meridians.

This is a form of Healing Tia Chi that was hidden from the Chinese government. Verses the Martial forms that were handed over.

Great for beginners to Intermediate.

Come dressed in comfortable clothes.